20 Amazing Tattooed Girls Wallpapers

20 Amazing Tattooed Girls Wallpapers

Here is another list of tattooed girls, and unlike the previous post we did some time ago, this one consists of primarily high-quality wallpapers. Give them a check.

All below given wallpapers are available in resolution – 1920 x 1200, 1920 x 1440, 1600 x 1200





IMustBeDead, inksouls

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  • Alejandro Robledo


    My name is Alejandro Robledo and I am the owner of a Surf Line that started in Colombia. We sell boardshorts in South America, Europe and North America. I wish to include (http://crispme.com/20-amazing-tattooed-girls-wallpapers/) this girl in a design which will involve tatoo action. I want to ask you permission to use her as an image. I really like this artworks and hope that I could incorporate some of them in my clothing brand. Please let me know if you will allow me.

  • humza

    Good day Alejandro. First of all, I am glad you like the images.

    As for the permission, can you please point out to a specific image? Because the images do NOT belong to us. However, if you point out a specific image, I can find the photographer or model (if any) and direct you to him/her.

  • Alejandro Robledo

    Thank you very much. I am really interested in this image in particular (http://crispme.com/20-amazing-tattooed-girls-wallpapers/) … I would also like to get in contact with who ever took this two other images as well (http://crispme.com/20-amazing-tattooed-girls-wallpapers/) (http://crispme.com/20-amazing-tattooed-girls-wallpapers/) Great work and thank you very much for the help.

  • Can you point out the number of the images? Cause the link provided leads back to the main post =)


  • Alejandro Robledo

    Image 14, 1 and 4.

  • Image 14 :
    Model (Actress) is : Gisele Bündchen
    Images are copyright to French magazine – Photo magazine
    All the images from that magazine can be seen here: http://celebglitz.com/36894/Celebrity-Gossip/gisele-bundchen-naked-body-paint-photo-magazine.aspx

    Image 1:

    Artist/Photographer: http://imustbedead.deviantart.com/gallery/
    original link: http://fav.me/d22lqqv

    Please ask him if you want to use his image.

    Image 4:
    Image by the folks over at inksouls: http://inksouls.tumblr.com/post/15204410453

    I hope I was of some assistance to you. Thank you for taking your time to check our website =)

  • Alejandro Robledo

    Thank you very much!

  • elias lunetta

    image 13? The name of model?

  • Humza Mehbub

    That would be Megan Fox
    (or if it’s the pink haired one that would be a Suicide Girl model)

  • Hermenegildo

    image 19? The headphones girl, what’s the name of the model?