30+ Amazing Photographs of Lightning

30+ Amazing Photographs of Lightning

One of the most majestic light show happens in the sky itself. A thunderstorm brings with itself lightning – along with some ‘Dolby surround’ sound effects as well.

Photographing lightning is a difficult and tenuous task, as it requires complete patience and quick reflexes. As they say, “lightning never strikes the same place” thus you need to have the whole frame in your view to capture it when it happens.

Here are some of the most amazing shots of lightning. Credits are given at the end.





Paul Souders, Tony Dadson, Lennie Mahler, Jimmy, Dan Ransom, Matt Granz, Dendy Julius, Shannon Rogers, Sam Javanrouh, Scott Stringham, Maxime Barthelme, Martin Zalba, Jimmy, Jamie Condon, Drew Medlin, Richard Desmarais, Chris Martin, Carlos Gotay,  Dean Mullin, Chrisos Lamprianidis, Jamie Condon, John Ryan, Chris Kotsiopoulos, Jorge Maia, Carlos Gotay, Alexander G H Hogstrom, janpirnatphoto, NivisTigris, dophineh, justinblackphotos, Matthew Stewart, skarpi, mark silva, Rick Elkins

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