30 Brilliant Cute Cats Photographed

30 Brilliant Cute Cats Photographed

Cats are absolutely adorable, fluffy little animals that everyone loves – not everyone but most. Photographing cats is one of the toughest things to do and I can say that out of personal experience – cats tend to move about and not obey orders, whereas dogs can be positioned in one place with the bribe of a treat.

In this post I have selected some absolutely adorable 30 photographs of cats / kittens taken by photographers in a creative way. Not just a normal snapshot.

The credits can be found at the very end of the post, feel free to check them out and be sure to visit them as they deserve all the attention for taking such brilliant shots.





Sean Molin Photography, Jane Costa Lima, E.L.A, Catalina Pimentel, Q8LT.net, Sean Molin Photography, Sergiu Bacioiu, catherine.caf, 3amfromkyoto, Viktoria Haack, Henrik Spranz, Kestas Balciunas, Malcolm MacGregor, François VIGNERON, Sandra Schürmans, Zoopodium Photography, Thomas Duke, Evgeny Arinin, Alina Esther, Zoran Milutinovic, Alina Esther, Jinbon Lau, Kenneth Gisi, Carrot Cat, Alina Esther, Burak Arik, rami777 (3), Khouba, Unknown

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