30+ Magnificent Bokeh Photography

30+ Magnificent Bokeh Photography

Here are some great examples of Bokeh photography to inspire you and fill you up with creative, new ideas. Such posts come in handy when you have holidays, and are out of examples and ideas to photograph.

I hope by looking at these Bokeh photographs you get a unique, new idea of your own – as creative as the ones shown below. If you took some Bokeh photograph, hit us with a link below and we might feature it in our next “Bokeh photography inspiration” post.

Check the credits at the end:





Brian Powers, Ryan Pendleton, BLOAS Meven, Mohan Duwal, Ken Shimo, Carlos Lopez, Sortvind , AimishBoy ., Joakim Kræmer, Alessio Lo Re, Артур Гизатулин, Zdravko Horvat, Sortvind , suta wijaya, Zdravko Horvat (2), BLOAS Meven, David Hendrawan, BLOAS Meven, LaZiaIla, djcopeman, rscorp, JeanFan, Kameolynn, jenarose, groundhog-day, VanillaBoom, Jaicca, RagedyOldBitch, Fais-Moi-a-Moue, built-wid-in

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