30 Photographs Making You Wish You Lived in the Clouds

30 Photographs Making You Wish You Lived in the Clouds

We’ve shown in a few posts just how beautiful how our Earth is, and how amazing it looks from down below and from land. In this post, I’ll let you soar through the clouds and take a glimpse of just how it would look like if you lived in the clouds. Short answer: it would look AMAZING.

These photographs will make you want to fly; or get on an airplane and just take a random trip down to nowhere; or make you wish this aircraft is quickly built so you can actually feel like you’re walking amongst the clouds; or make you wish you were a Worg (could control the animals – then you could take control of an Eagle and have fun looking from a bird-eye perspective, Game of Thrones lovers would get the reference).

These aerial photographs are just amazingly beautiful. IF there is any aerial photograph that you think we might like, then be sure to Contact Us and send us an email. Thanks!

Be sure to the check the photographers out:



The abstract tree by Andre Ermolaev


Above the GGB by Henry Lee


The Sierra III by Luc Busquin


The Southern Highlands by Antony Spencer


Up and Above by Sebastian Opitz



As seen from 30,000 ft. by Chaluntorn Preeyasombat


Misty morning over the Himalayas by Bjorn Moerman



Sagrada Família, Barcelona, Spain by AirPano




Churun-meru (Dragon) waterfall, Venezuela by AirPano




Seljalandsfoss by Sarah Martinet



A lot of new toys by Uwe Braun



Skyview by Mieke Boynton



Ethereal Land Mark by Dr. Akira TAKAUE



Torrevieja by Patricio Morales Perez



UrbanSprawl by Bill Sherman



Birds Eye View. by Volodymyr Zinchenko



Birds Eye 3 by Alisdair Miller


The World Below by Bobby Joshi Photography




Ray by



Mountains by Saurav Kattel



Sundown by Alvar Astúlez



Misty Melody by Elia Locardi



Averse Magnétique byRomain Matteï


Green Pasture by Klaus Leidorf


 A-symmetry by Matjaz Cater


Maze at Longleat, England by archive.4plebs.org


Central Park, NYC by Sergey Semenov


Niagara Falls, U.S.A by thezooom.com


Bern by imgur.com


Bac Son Valley, Vietnam by Hai Thinh



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