30+ Splendid Examples of Conceptual Photography

30+ Splendid Examples of Conceptual Photography

A lot of people asked for more Conceptual stuff and here we have done it again. For those who are not sure what exactly is conceptual photography. Lets get Wiki do the talking:

Conceptual photography as a part of conceptual art is a photography genre in which the artist makes a photograph of a concept or idea. Usually the conception of the idea precedes the realization of the photography. This kind of photography often involves use of computer editing to achieve the desired effects, but many artists work without the computer.

The reason why I love conceptual photographs is because they always can be looked at from different angles – while you may have a different perception about the story the image is telling, someone would have a different view all together. The images can be gazed on for minutes trying to make a story out of it.

The credits can be found at the very end of the post. Please do go check them out – their galleries have more of such great photographs and images.





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