35+ Breathtaking Examples of Mist Photography

35+ Breathtaking Examples of Mist Photography

As the mist takes over, the world falls silent. The eerie atmosphere takes over and shuns the sounds and blinds everyone in it’s cloak. Mist is quite an intense moment in my opinion.

It makes the world look so much beautiful, by cloaking parts of areas in it’s smoggy clouds – while at other places it reduced visibility and brings focus to the objects near only.

Here are some incredible and beautiful examples of mist photographs. The credits can be found at the end:





Matjaz Cater (2), Eduard Crispi, Julia Shepeleva, Lizzy Gadd, Petra Oldeman, Mary Kay, Adi Popa, Bubba, Joni Niemelä, JungMin Um, arminMarten, Dare Turnsek, Kim Ayres, Danny Santos, barbara, joel, Andrei Baciu, Dare Turnsek, arthika, werol, Mystik-Rider, Yeoman2b, DeingeL, Rykardo, emizael, Lavaspawn, Megson, RobertoBertero, dSavin, Hengki24, angus clyne, Philipp Klinger, Steve Ellaway, Philippe Sainte-Laudy,  Mikko Lagerstedt, Twostar K, Luís Garcia

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