35 Brilliantly Executed Movie Poster Designs

35 Brilliantly Executed Movie Poster Designs

The movie poster designs are one of the biggest factors in achieving a successful movie sales record. That is because the movie poster design is what accounts for the marketing and attracting people to come watch the movie at the cinema in the first place.

In this post, I have rounded up 35 movie posters that are brilliantly made with an eye to a creative and inspiring idea.

For example, looking at the movie poster of “The Innkeepers” (it is the 6th image down below) the makers of the poster kept an eye on making the poster scary at the same time creative. The use of “keys” instead of large buildings in the background as silohuttee links the whole idea of getting a room in an Inn. The fading horror face in the clouds adds to the touch and reminds the user that the movie is going to be “Horror” and that is what gives the user the urge to check it out when the movie comes out.

The movie poster of “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” uses a creative and brilliant idea of typography. It uses a secret binary code to fill in the face of the character signifying that the movie has elements of “secretive Spy” in it.  The simple use of a reticule at the “King’s chess piece” further implies the idea of “Soldier” and “Action”.

Check them out! And hopefully, in coming weeks we will bring out more of such interesting posts:




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