35 Great Portrait Photography Ideas

35 Great Portrait Photography Ideas


If you are a portrait photographer, then there might come a time when you run across blank or dry on ideas. This is where such a post – showcasing portrait photography ideas – comes in handy. As it allows you to look at some really creative and amazing portraiture shots, and maybe just one of them or all of them might give you enough ideas to help you get back on feet and photograph new portraits.

Portrait photography is not all about beautiful models and good lighting. It’s much more than that. As these portrait photographs will show, you need to have the perfect express, lighting conditions, clothes, makeup, etc. done to have a decent portrait photograph. These portrait photography ideas include and not are limited to general portrait photographs, Fine-Art, and others.

I am hopeful that these portrait photography ideas give you some sort of creative spark that allows you to go out and create your own photographs (which we’d love to see). In terms of any question you regarding any image below, please comment below – and I’ll try to answer them, or try and ask the photographer and get back to you. Alternatively, you could reach out to the photographer yourself through the link given with each photographer .



Cairo Rose by Nadya Of Mirrored Muse Imagery


Wanderlust by Greta Tuckute


Lera by Георгий Чернядьев (Georgiy Chernyadyev)



The Gateway to Iceland by Skarpi Thrainsson


Love Photography by Luis Valadares



Pulpit rock by Andreas christensen



Black is my colour by Marianna Roussou


The outcast by Cristina Otero



Slenderman by Lars Mayrand



Divinity by Mika Suutari



Self Portrait by Alex Wise


Exploration Wonderland by Max Rive


The Misty Mountains Cold by Lizzy Gadd


Free Falling by Lizzy Gadd


The Gift by Régis Matthey


Song of the undead by Senju-HiMe


Master by Senju-HiMe


Nocturnal by uglybug


Assiniboine and I by Viktoria Haack


Out of me by Malia León


Movement by artviveslidia


The kitsch room by artviveslidia


Sincere by Indre Pauraite


Self sketch by Sébastien DEL GROSSO


THOUGHTS by Cestica


Simple story by Basistka


Pink lips by Basistka


OC Plex: Next Generation by WiseKumagoro


Pandora’s Box by zenibyfajnie


With blind eyes by Paola Ramirez


Staring at the blue blue sky by ByLaauraa


16.365 by ByLaauraa


Childhood by Romina Ressia


Mariell Amélie




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