37 Blur Wallpapers by Inspiration Hut You’ll Love

37 Blur Wallpapers by Inspiration Hut You’ll Love

If you liked our minimalistic wallpaper post, then I am sure you will love these thirty-seven (37) neat and awesome blur-grounds (as the folks over at Inspiration Hut) call them. We’d like to call them blur wallpapers, since we are displaying them for that purpose. If you are looking for a neat, and tidy wallpaper with a lot of free space on desktop, these are for you. Having a lot of negative space on the desktop can help you improve work efficiency. How so? Simple: you focus on the work at hand, and only the important files get a space on the desktop.

Therefore, you tend to locate files quicker and thus, your work tends to end sooner too. Sometimes it is the little things that count.

Be sure to head over to Inspiration Hut to see more things that they have for download.



Wallpapers (c) Inspiration Hut




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