40 Awesome Anime Wallpapers

40 Awesome Anime Wallpapers

If you are an avid follower and watcher of anime/manga you will definitely love this post. Anime is a Japanese cartoon, which in my opinion tends to be a lot better than the cartoons we see off Cartoon Network, etc. I compiled this list to show you to some 40 awesome anime wallpapers! Check them out (and show some love to the artists – see bottom of post).




Ice Queen, Dark Angel, Soul Strings, Vampire Hunter, Creation, KILL BLEACH – wallpaper, Warrior Wallpaper, Arctic mermaid, D e s p a i r, Sleepless -Daybreak-, Sublevel, YotsuBOT, DGM: Allen Walker, Moonlite serenade (Rain version), BLACK Lagoon, Smoke, Cibo, Always be with me, Unreality, Sin City, Serenity, Mae…Sode no Shirayuki, Hades Curse, The Muse, Your Beautiful Predator, Tech Chaos, azure light, Generations, Oh Yarr! Tentacles, Six For Tea- Ganbare Nippon!, Taiyaki Snow, <-Lost in thought->, All My Clouds Are Blue, Peace, The Seasons Are Changing, Misaki City, You Look So Good In Blue, G O U K I, Urban Inspiration,  The Endless Waltz

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