40 Photographs of Snakes in Natural Habitat

40 Photographs of Snakes in Natural Habitat

Snakes are majestic creatures, considering their slick body and the way they move – it’s all cool till you watch them devour something. And watch a few documentaries showing how dangerous they are, after which you start to disgust at the sight of them – at least I do.

Anyways, here are some amazing photographs of snakes in their natural habitat! Do not freak out at some pictures. Check the credits at the very end of the post:





Ingo Dumreicher, Henrik Vind, Roeselien Raimond, Geza Farkas, Geza Farkas, Michael Kern, greg du toit, Lorraine Hudgins, Angi Nelson, Mark Johnson, Dale Sutton, Aurel Manea, Mark B Bartosik, Robin Moore, Mark Alcock, Wolf Ademeit, UweMattern, Henrik Vind, Thor Håkonsen, KRowland Pictures, Lorraine Hudgins, Jan Miracký, Seth Patterson, Henrik Vind, Angi Nelson, Steve Creek, Jerry Harwood, Henry Sudarman, Mika Wasabi, Giovanni Go, Emanuel Lonz, the-shiznite, Antonio Da Cruz, Jarde Skye, Andrew Carrano, Andrea Candela Cooney, Henry Sudarman, Henrik Vind, Barry Hovland, Anand Sawant

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