50 Fantastic Digital Landscapes

50 Fantastic Digital Landscapes

Digital art is an amazing category and every time I browse around it, I find something interesting and appealing – unique and creative in one way or another. Over in the Digital Art section is the Landscapes part too, for which I have explored and compiled a list of 50 great digitally painted landscapes.

These landscapes vary in atmosphere and style of drawing and concept. You will see some fantasy type landscapes, while others may be more real or post-apocalyptic ones.

All these artist deserve the utmost appreciation and I urge all readers to check the credits at the very end of the post and visit them to check more of their gallery.





After the rains by Christian Bravery, The_path_to_the_miracle by Hong Kuang, Orr Ring by aniel Dociu, Wild Waves by Mojtaba Naderloo, The_path_to_the_miracle II by Hong Kuang, Battle in Underworld by Mojtaba Naderloo, .the.summoner. by Hong Kuang, Spaceport, Environment concept art by Nathan Geppert, Millard Falls by August Hall, Space Sail Ship y Daniel Dociu, Plane Crash by Mojtaba Naderloo, Valtra Ants Matte Painting by Tuomas Korpi, Abandoned Outpost by Tuomas Korpi, Lighthouse no. 13 by Tuomas Korpi, Ancient of Lore by Patrik jelm, Lightship by Ian McQue, Spaceport 1, Environment concept art by Nathan Geppert, Matte ainting for Warhammer 40.000: Squad Command FMVs. by Tuomas Korpi, Elements 2666 AD by uomas Korpi, Dzalou Freshwater Mangrove by Jesse van Dijk, rockbase by Daryl Mandryk, Killzone 3 Nuked Pyrrhus by Jesse van Dijk, The Sanctuary by Brian Sum, The Last Airborne by Ian McQue, After the breaking of the world by Jesse van Dijk, News from The orizon by Tuomas Korpi, Reaper invasion – London by Brian Sum, Crysis 2 by Maciej Kuciara, Into the nknown, Swamp fever, After School, Original: Time to Fly, Adamant Citadel, Peaceful Days, .lost.castle., London Rooftops, Mountain serenity, Susan Constant, Life Tree, New Land, Temple agoon, Environment: POST-APOCALYPSE, Through the ancient valley, road, Tree of Light, RAEVONA – ocking Towers, Arctic Express 2008…, Abandoned Gothic Cathedral

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