50+ Great Anime Wallpapers

50+ Great Anime Wallpapers

Did you watch the latest episode of Naruto? Or Bleach? If you know either one of them, I am probably sure that you love anime and know what they are.

Animes are like Japanese cartoons. Unlike American cartoons they are much more preferred somehow as they usually have a more “realistic” storyline (not always). Apart from that, Japanese culture is portrayed in majority of them and are highly watched and loved.

If you love anime, you will love these 50+ Anime wallpapers that I have compiled below for you. The wallpapers vary in resolution going from – 1920 x 1200, to 1920 x 1080 and 1600 x 1200 to a few even smaller ones like 1024 x 768.





`Susan-chan, °wasgoed, `crapmonster, `gabychan, `cheche115, `anbuu, °wasgoed, `Cilou, `storm-and-fire, `w00tazn, `Nysha, ~WhisperOfTheHeart, `Kasern, `solwyvern, `luches, `grayserg, `Nysha, `anbuu, `supermonchi, `shigemitsubaki, `grayserg, Hoser1358, metzalx, nat, crapmonster, Idril, KorganoS, chlorisrae, solwyvern, knightstar3, crapmonster, ShiNN, Sandy, tAtEkAnE, `Aladdin, °FNatt, ~Gii, `anbuu, `Deto15, ~Kerodohi, `Aladdin, `AssasinXXX, `chibimisao, ☆ChaosKaizer, °btimnz, `chibimisao

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