50 Lovely Portrait Photographs

50 Lovely Portrait Photographs

In this post we will list down around 50 photographs, or should I say portrait photographs that involve models, male and female in a creative manner.

Portrait photographers find it hard to gather inspiration, but those who do and those who are in need of some can check this post for some great ideas and inspiration.

Of course, there are many hundreds of better portrait shots out there, but I must say “this is just 1 post also. We’ll keep discovering, we’ll keep posting”. So stay tuned for more in the coming days, weeks.

The credit goes to:

Karolina Miadowicz, diagonalised butterfly, Kruglov Evgeniy, EFIM SHEVCHENKO, CEXN, Lee Jeffries, Adalena, Phillip Schumacher, Carrot|Cat photography

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