CrispMe is a blog to promote talented artists and inspiring the rest. We are committed to show you some of the best online portfolios of design, art, photography, as well as collections of great wallpapers and tutorials for great pieces of art. We bring you the freshest inspiration by constantly updating our blog with great online portfolios. Instead of browsing various blogs and websites of user submitted content that consists of the good and the bad, we, at CrispMe, do the searching for you and only show you best.

The portfolios you find on CrispMe are all hand picked by our editors. Our editors spend countless hours searching for great content and portfolio on the Internet and put it altogether. Do remember to contact us if you think your work deserved to be featured on our blog, we will be happy check out your work.

We do our best to prominently mention the original source in all of our posts, so that all of our readers could appreciate the hard work of these artists, and perhaps buy their products or hire them. If we failed to mention and link back to you, or you don’t feel comfortable with your work being featured on CrispMe, you can always drop us a message with the link of the post and we will assist to give proper credits or remove it from the site with an apology.

Behind the Scene

The blog was launched in 2010 and acquired by Sheau Jye, an entrepreneur from Malaysia, in September 2012 as a side project. The blog got a major makeover in December 2012. Despite the changes, the purpose of the blog was never changed, that is to promote and inspire artists.

The blog currently has two part time editors and we are always looking for writers that write and appreciate great stuffs. Contact us if you are interested in doing such job.