Aerial Photography: 57 Brilliant Photographs

Aerial Photography: 57 Brilliant Photographs

Over the years aerial photography has become increasingly popular. Why so? Maybe it was the creation of aerial drones such as the DJI Phantom and other similar drones that allowed photographers to explore different perspectives. It allowed them to do things that were much safer to be done through machines/drones rather than by themselves. For example, it would be rather easier, safer and even cheaper for a drone to just beam up into the sky and take a top-down image from a skyscraper height. At the same time, it would be a lot more dangerous if a photographer had to actually climb all the way up scaffoldings with his/her camera gear to take that shot.

Aerial photography is the taking of photographs of the ground from an elevated position. Usually the camera is not supported by a ground-based structure.

This is what aerial photography means according to Wikipedia. It must be remembered that aerial photography, albeit, becoming increasingly popular, is still bogged down by rules and regulations set by various agencies that must be complied with in order for photographers and other people to handle drones and stuff.

However, this post is not merely about drone photography, it is all about aerial photography. This means that the post will include photographs from:

  1. Drones
  2. Photographers taking photographs from helicopters
  3. Airplanes (both passenger/commercial/military)
  4. Lightweight, and small airplanes such as Cessna which allows photographers to explore a whole new world – albeit expensive at times. The results are always worth it.

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I will also be adding some small notes below some of the images, especially under the ones that caught my eye the most. Be sure to stick around, hang tight and enjoy these images!




Morning in May by Matjaz Cater


Windows by Matjaz Cater


Red in October by Matjaz Cater


《梦幻之城》by NIE ZIJUN

 I love the color tones and the whole sunset moment on this one. The red hour is one of the best hours to capture landscape photography

Through the Rainforest by Karel Donk




 Ah Iceland. One of the most beautiful places on Earth and you can see why

Field by Oliver Jaeger


Aerial view of Paris cityscape at night by Gable Denims

“Aerial view of Paris cityscape at night, Paris, Ile de France, France”


Mont Blanc by PhotoStock-Israel

Aerial view of Mont Blanc mountain peak 4810 meters


Mystique mountains by Balazs Kiss

Mystique Mountains


High angle view of Pacific Islander woman by Gable Denims

High angle view of Pacific Islander woman running on wooden pier on beach


Natural curves by Sarah Martinet


Seljalandsfoss by Sarah Martinet


Aerial Photography Of The Slums by Mohammad Albustani



High angle view of winding switchback road by Gable Denims

High angle view of winding switchback road on mountain slope


Hot Air Ballooning at Dawn by Julian Pinget



Cañon del Colorado by Xavier Soldevila


Ballons 4 by Álex G. Photos


Waving by Daniel Talbot

Wave cloud east of the Kaikoura Ranges

 For a moment I thought this was some digital or oil painting, but it turns out it was a really cool photograph of wave clouds

Don’t Let Go by Toby Harriman

 Well…this is a vertigo inducing photograph! Pretty rad and scary!

Moonwalk by Victor Caroli


Electrify II by Toby Harriman


The painting of river by Andre Ermolaev

 Andre has captures some of the most beautiful landscape photographs from an aerial view. Be sure to check his gallery out. You will not be disappointed, I can assure you

Flying by Danilo Fisichella


Centipede by Beno Saradzic

 The tilt-shift effect is pretty awesome. Makes it look like a tiny toy set.

San Francisco City Hall by Toby Harriman


Late Afternoon along the Na Pali Coast by John Harrison

The lush green colors, and how the water shades from a tea to a darker blue. This picture is perfectly composed and captures the beauty of this landscape. I’d love to walk on that beach.


Langisjor Aerial by Alex Nail

Lagisjor is one of the natural jewels of the Icelandic landscape. We took an aerial photography flight to see this magical location from the air, it was one of the highlights of the trip.


Icelandic highlands by Thorarinn Jonsson

The first thing I think about when I look at this photograph: tranquillity. A sense of calmness and quiet surrounding you. Such still water.


Blue jewel by Sarah Martinet


River Branches by Mieke Boynton

A beautiful captures that seems like the river is clearly branching out into a tree shape. At first observation, one might think this was a cappuccino design or something.


Barcelona by Aldas Kirvaitis


Mexico City by Pablo Lopez Luz


Namib Desert, Namibia by SysaWorld Roberto Moiola

One of the rarest place on Earth. Where land meets water.


Tulip Fields, The Netherlands by Normann Szkop


Bern by


Moscow by


Male, Maldives by Mohamed Abdulla Shafeeg


Bac Son Valley, Vietnam by Hai Thinh

Definitely one of the most green valleys I’ve seen. Plus, surrounded by mountains, might be the place to live?


‘Pie Chart’ Crop Circles by squirrelismyfriend


Sprinkles by VerticalDubai


 Camel train by Camel train


Bondi Paddleboarder by Matt Lauder


Wettest Place on Earth by Levo Photography




Lake Powell Aerial by Antony Spencer


United Colors of Yellowstone by Benjamin gs

Overview on Grand Prismatic Spring, probably the most amazing treasury of Yellowstone National Park, and one of the largest hot spring in the world.
The most frustrating thing in this incredible place is probably the lack of any high point surrounding the spring to get a better perspective, might be a perfect place for drone photography…

Canon EOS 5D Mark III + EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM @105mm, f/6.3, 1/125, iso 50 (Polar filter)

 This happens to be one of my favorite spots in the world. I really hope to visit this someday. It’s psychedelic colour combination is amazing!

Atlanta’s Skyline by Dayo Adeoti



Flying free by Luca Pinter


Flying Reine by Daniel Haussmann (Lumen Art Studio – Images)


On the way! By Petr Jan Juračka

On the way


A lot of new toys by Uwe Braun

30 Photographs Making You Wish You Lived in the Clouds (30)


Ethereal Land Mark by Dr. Akira TAKAUE

30 Photographs Making You Wish You Lived in the Clouds (20)



Torrevieja by Patricio Morales Perez

30 Photographs Making You Wish You Lived in the Clouds (5)


UrbanSprawl by Bill Sherman

30 Photographs Making You Wish You Lived in the Clouds (3)


Birds Eye 3 by Alisdair Miller

30 Photographs Making You Wish You Lived in the Clouds (23)


The World Below by Bobby Joshi Photography

30 Photographs Making You Wish You Lived in the Clouds (6)


Green Pasture by Klaus Leidorf

30 Photographs Making You Wish You Lived in the Clouds (19)

Just like someone put a house there, and the rest was done by God through a paint-brush. Perfectly composed and captured.


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