Animals Photographed the Right Moment

Animals Photographed the Right Moment

Animal photography is a difficult task as the animals keep moving and you need to predict their next move, which is also pretty tough as it may not always be the same. At the very same time, photography in the wild is even more “raw” as the animals do whatever they want and can not be bribed with treats and so on.

Here are some interesting photographs of animals shot the perfect moment they are doing something. The chances of photographing such photos is like 1 in 50 or maybe 1 in 100. Quite rare they are.





buzzfeed (2), David Maitland, Hakan Pekbelgin, Urs Schmidli, Mahmoud Edeeb, Pam Mullins, Tustel Ico, José Luis Rodríguez, Zoltan Gyori, Vedran Vidak, cherly, Seth Casteel, Marsel van Oosten, Harry Roekens, Marco Sartori, Carli Davidson, nissim, Roeselien Raimond, Marina Cano, Eigil Rasmussen, unknown, Rick Ehrenberg, Geoffrey Baker, Peter Winnan, mehmet karaca, Peter Dam, John&Fish, buzzfeed (2), unknown, Darin Crofton

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