Architecture Feature: Kurilpa Bridge

Architecture Feature: Kurilpa Bridge

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The Kurilpa Bridge is one of the finest creations in the world of architecture. The architects of the creation are:  Cox Rayner Architects.

It is built on the Tank Street, Brisbane,Queensland 4000 Australia. Here are some other details regarding the architecture:

Project Team:

Michael Rayner, Antony Scott Pegum, Hang Ling, Casey Vallance, Philip Cox, TristramCarfrae ,Ian Ainsworth, Tom James
Consultant Team:

Bridging across the Brisbane river, the Kurilpa Bridge provides an opportunity not only for the common pedestarians and cyclsts to cross but also shows off the technological advancement and position of the city, forging its identity at the forefront of art, science and technology.

A little more detail about the bridge:

Its conceptualisation, based upon Buckminster Fuller’s principles of tensegrity, was to simultaneously resolve unusual physical challenges, such as navigational constraints and motorway spanning, and embrace the spirit of a city relaxed, subtropical city seeking to prioritise walking, cycling and healthy lifestyle.

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