Stunning Images from Art of Science 2011

Stunning Images from Art of Science 2011

Art of Science (Stunning Images from Art of Science 2011 on CrispMe)

The Art of Science (2011)  is an exhibition that explores the link between science and art. By looking at science, there will be many instances through which art can be found (some amazing images discovered through science).

There are moments of science when suddenly each moment becomes more than just a part of one thing, and while is part of science, displays elements of arts too!

Here is a little description about the Art of Science:

This is the fifth Art of Science competition hosted by Princeton University. The 2011 competition drew 168 submissions from 20 departments. The exhibit includes work by undergraduates, faculty, research staff, graduate students, and alumni.

The 56 works chosen for the 2011 Art of Science exhibition represent this year’s theme of “intelligent design” which we interpret in the broadest sense. These extraordinary images are not art for art’s sake. Rather, they were produced during the course of scientific research. Entries were chosen for their aesthetic excellence as well as scientific or technical interest.

Learn about the experiment behind each image, and find more images here: Art of Science 2011

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