Beautiful Digital Paintings by Jennifer Healy

Beautiful Digital Paintings by Jennifer Healy

Jennifer Healy is a lovely little digital artist from the United States. Her work mainly incorporates digital means of production, such as Photoshop and so. Her style is unique and she is an amazing fantasy character designer. These sorts of characters I would expect to see in games like Final Fantasy and Aion.

Here is a little about her:

I was born in the United States in 1985. From even the early days I’ve always loved strange, offbeat, beautiful, and slightly melancholy things. Something about the mixed grabbed me.

My love for sketching carried on throughout my high school days. This is when I took a small class on watercolor. Watercolor is what birthed my passion for mixing colors and how a color can tell a story.

In year 2009, I discovered digital painting and my newfound passion for the medium. It has been the favored medium for the past years since. I have used online tutorials and videos to help me learn along the way and then in late 2011 I took a workshop called Becoming a Better Artist.

If you wish to see more of her beautiful paintings, jump over to

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