Beautiful Paintings by Martine Johanna

Beautiful Paintings by Martine Johanna

Martine is a wonderful painting artist from The Netherlands. While there is not a lot of work on her website, the ones that are, are quite amazing! Also, I had to pick and choose as some of them are NSFW! So be sure to check them out whenever you can. Her website link can be found at the bottom.

Here’s a little about her work, from her ‘About Me’ section

Martine’s art is characterized by exploring the boundaries between illustration and contemporary figurative painting; there are traditional style elements to her work, mixed-in with more abstract elements and compositions. The work consists of imaginary characters with a stylistic nod to fashion and a great eye for detail. The mostly female figures are depicted in a surreal environment or are isolated in their thoughts. Both on canvas, wood or paper the works contain a complex energy that makes you stop and enthrall you in their illusiveness.


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