Beautiful Wildlife Photography by Pim Leijen

Beautiful Wildlife Photography by Pim Leijen

We’ve shown you some beautiful landscape photographs, as well as some equally breathtaking aerial photographs from the clouds.

Now, we’ll be transporting ourselves back to the land and showing you the beauty that this world has to offer, and trust me, Pim Leijen captures some of the most beautiful moments with his photography that you’ll be glad to have witnessed.

Capturing wildlife photographs is a task that requires both dedication and patience. You have to capture photographs at odd times, chase animals and ensure that you are patient enough so you do not disturb their natural routine, in which case the photograph will never look as ‘real’ as you want it to. Pim does a remarkable job at capturing the animals in their habitats.

Here’s a little about Pim, an excerpt from his 500px page:

Pim started to develop interest for nature when he was ten years old, walking the dogs in the forest on holiday in Belgium with his dad. Every evening just before dark, they saw the deer. Knowing nothing about these animals the fascination started. He read every book he could find and later started photographing wildlife. Now, at the age of 38 he spends every moment he can in nature to capture the foxes, deer or birds…. What started out as just walking around, has now become a presizely planned project.

If you wish to see more of Pim’s photography, then be sure to head over to any of the given links below to see more of his photography:


























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