Conceptual and Surreal Photos by Mrs. White

Conceptual and Surreal Photos by Mrs. White


Mrs. White is a photographer from Germany. She specializes in taking conceptual, surreal and macabre type photographs. Each and every image has a sense of that ‘moody environment’ in it. The foggy weather, the mysterious eerie silence to it.

Quite an exceptional portfolio – the black and white being the most prominent color scheme in her portfolio makes it stand out even more, as such tones fit her type of photography quite well:




A Dozen Winters Of Loneliness A Warm Place Downward Spiral Eraser Heresy Hesitation I do not want this Industrial Zone Insomnia Just Milk Make Me Disappear Mr(s) Selfdestruct Next! Other Voices Piggy Pioneers In Aviation Ruiner She Said Destroy Strange Days We're In This Together


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