Creative Digital Paintings by Ros Kovac

Creative Digital Paintings by Ros Kovac

Ros Kovac is a professional digital artist. During her tenure at a local fine art university, where she was assisting, Ros  learned several traditional techniques, including: painting, photography, etc.

She started digital painting in mid 2008. Since 2011, Ros has been working exclusively as a freelancer. Her favorite genre of artwork being horror and science fiction – as easily identifiable from the work below. I quite like her surreal and science fiction work.

The work “Ritual” somehow reminds me of True Detective, while “2311” makes me think of Mass Effect. Her deviantART gallery is full of similarly amazing stuff. be sure to check it out.

To discover and browse more of her work. Please visit:





Portrait June 2015


Qunari Portrait




Eclipsis Solis


Eclipsis lunae






Her Ghost (Redone)




The Hunger



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