Creative Photography by Kevin van der Leek

Creative Photography by Kevin van der Leek

Kevin van der Leek is a brilliant photographer and strives to create photographs, which are creative, inspiring and unique in their own special way, even if a little.

His passion for photography began back in 2007 when he purchased his very first entry-level DSLR camera and since then he has been trying to capture photographs with a tinge of creativity in them. His interests are varied – travel, people, nature, architecture.

Moreover, here is a little from himself:

I am a graphic designer working in the publishing industry. However, I have had an interest in photography since college.

My photography is essentially my response to the beauty that I see around me, in people’s faces, in the changing colors of the seasons, in the rising mist on the local rivers

To see more of his work, as a source of inspiration and just for the beauty of it, visit:

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