Depthcore New Chapter: TIME

Depthcore New Chapter: TIME

What is DepthCore?

Depthcore is an international art collective focused on modern digital art, incorporating illustration, photography, animation and audio. Established by Justin Maller and Kevin Stacey in 2002, our membership is comprised of artists from all over the world, united by their love for art, and their passion for innovation.

I have been an avid follower of Depthcore for the past 2 – 3 years and of all the years I have looked at their website, it never stops amazing me. Each and every artwork they produce is an inspiration, whether in the field of digital painting, traditional art or photography; you can find the inspiration for pretty much every field on Depthcore.

Depthcore produces a new chapter ever 3 or 4 months, and each chapter as it is called, follows a theme or a word on which all the artworks are based upon. Nearly 50 – 150 artworks are featured. I am pretty sure the volume of artworks received by Depthcore is a lot, but they only tend to select the best ones.

Before I show you all the eye candy, I’d would take this small time to say thank you to Justin Maller and Kevin Stacey for creating such an amazing website and featuring some amazing illustrations that not only inspire me, but the whole art community.

The credits for the below given artworks are found at the bottom of the post (please show them appreciation if you love them). Check more of Depthcore’s TIME chapter here.




Lucas de Alcântara, Phil Dunne, Matei Apostolescu, Pete Golibersuch, Kervin Brisseaux,Pete arrison + Leigh Flurry, Zach Bush, Jeff Huang, Pavel Sabelnikov, Waldez Snegotskiy, Ronald Ashburn, Philipp Zurmöhle + Rubens LP, Erik Schumacher, Benjamin Mounsey, Saddo, Ari Wenkle, Finnian acManus, Finnian MacManus + Erik Schumacher, Matei Apostolescu, Pat Perry, Rik Oostenbroek, Justin aller, Vesna Pesic, Pavel Sabelnikov, Waldez Snegotskiy, Vesna Pesic, Radu Pop, Josh Smith, Erik Finsrud, Kervin Brisseaux, Phil Dunne, Benjamin Mounsey, David Mascha, Niklas Lundberg + Justin Maller, Matei postolescu, Mike Harrison + Rik Oostenbroek, Matei Apostolescu, Orka Collective, Kervin Brisseaux, Maciej Hajnrich,


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