Digital Artist – Fantasy & Dragons – Nick Deligaris

Digital Artist – Fantasy & Dragons – Nick Deligaris

Nick Deligaris is a digital artist from Greece and is responsible for creating some amazing looking digital artwork – mainly revolves around dark mystical characters, and dragons! So, we have a mix of mythical and fantasy creatures and characters in Nick’s gallery on deviantART.

If you want to check his deviantART portfolio. Click on the link here.

A little about Nick himself:

Hello! My name is Nick Deligaris and I’m an Emmy nominated freelance Digital Artist, with over 10 years of professional experience in multiple industries, such as video/card/board games, books, apparel, web design, action figures, video/film CGI and others, with clients around the globe. I especially enjoy fantasy & sci-fi art; and video games.

Emmy nominated…sweet!


Or, check out his official website, here.




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