Digital Artwork by EiMy Rabaiah

Digital Artwork by EiMy Rabaiah

EiMy Rabaiah is a digital artist, or more of a photo-manip artist from Palestine who is currently residing in United Arab Emirates.

Her photo-manips have a certain element of expression in them. Some have emotional expressions, while others may have a surreal concept to them. I do hope you love these photo-manips. They may not be the best photo-manips you have seen, but I like to bring exposure to artists under the limelight, which have a certain talent and if given the exposure, they can get better at it.

Check her portfolio out on:





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  • Eman Rabiah

    I appreciate this article alot but I hope if you can change my name to Eman Rabiah “my new name”

    Thanks alot ^^

  • Humza Mehbub

    The article is pretty old, but I’ll see what i can do! :)