Elements That Make A Business Brand Logo Unforgettable

Elements That Make A Business Brand Logo Unforgettable

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This is a guest post by Katherine Flowers.

Brand logos are essential in most marketing campaigns, helping to create awareness of a business to numerous audiences. Successful companies have utilised their brand to help them stand out among other similar businesses who offer the same services or products. It is important to be unique and engaging. Below are some elements to create an unforgettable brand logo.


What helps make brand logos memorable is how they are able to properly convey what the company is about. They are also made to be relevant to the company’s products or services they offer to a targeted audience. A computer company, for example, can use a monitor or a CPU tower as part of their brand logo, which helps to tell people what products they are selling. Another example could utilise a notebook and a pencil to identify a school supply manufacturing company.

Making the logo identifiable to your business helps build brand awareness to a wide group of people. This allows consumers to remember the company’s products and services should they have need of it. For example, a cola with a known brand logo will be sold more than other soda drinks available. Anyone who is looking for a new automobile part will have more chance of purchasing it from a manufacturer with a logo they are familiar with than to any other company.


The most common misconception when coming up with logos is the need for exceptional artistic talent to come up with a complicated design. However, recognisable brand logos are often those which are simple in design. Complicated design might be able to capture a wide range of audiences, but it runs a risk of becoming indistinguishable to most people, which can lessen the company’s awareness. A good logo will be simple and is able to stick in someone’s mind when they see it.

Colour scheme

Colours are a good way to convey emotions and to evoke a response from the viewers. There are different ways of using the right colour scheme in a logo to help show what the company’s services and products can provide.

Here are some examples of colours and what different colours typically mean:

  • Blue – This colour represents the ocean and the sky. It conveys a feeling of tranquillity and calmness. When used in an advertisement, it shows a sense of intelligence and wisdom. Companies who sell mineral water or air conditioners can make use of this colour scheme for their logo.
  • Red – Red signifies energy and intense power. It conveys a feeling of passion and love. Companies who make energy drinks or automobiles often make use of the colour red in their logos. They can also be used by sports related businesses if red is significant to their services.
  • Yellow – Yellow is able to convey a feeling of happiness and a positive environment. This colour is also associated with food as it conveys a sense of satisfaction. Most restaurants and fast food chains use a yellow colour scheme in their logo to create a promise of fullness to its viewers.
  • Green – This colour symbolises nature and conveys a sense of harmony and freshness. Green is able to symbolise healing which makes it suitable to company logos who sell medicinal drugs. Businesses who provide other types of treatments or therapy to promote help can take advantage of this colour scheme in their logos.

Remember to be mindful of what your audience expects to see and to follow the things to consider mentioned above in order to build a memorable brand logo.

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