EvokeOne’s New Project: RECONSTRUCTION

EvokeOne’s New Project: RECONSTRUCTION

If you are an avid follower of the digital artwork world you woud already know about EvokeOne and their regular “theme projects” that involves using a single word as a basis for a theme. The artists then interpret it in the way they see and create something for it.

Here is a little info about it from their page:

Reconstruction is our 28th release. Following Nostalgia, we chose a theme to relate with time, space, and the unknown. With over 40 works in the release the artists have diligently pushed forward deeply conceptual based artwork, music and photography in a provocative style.

Collaborative efforts between Daniel Kong and Nicolas Monin-Baroille bring vibrant color, life and create a unique visual aesthetic together. Our featured artist and longtime member, Courtney Wooster, illustrates space, time and the unknown through his three-piece trilogy “Odd Space”.

Courtney’s work has changed and in this release he has reconstructed his approach to his work. So sit back, examine and enjoy our 28th exhibit “Reconstruction”.

If you wish to see the credits, you can always visit the website or just go down at the end of the post and check them out.






Igor Scekic, H. Dyst Winterson, Mark Paje, Ricardo Juarez, H. Dyst Winterson, Paulius, H. Dyst Winterson, Chris Koch, Jeremy Young, Aaron Campbell, Mikolaj Lawnicki, disent (2), Ricardo Juarez, Berthjan Achterop, H. Dyst Winterson, Sahir Khan, FabF, Anthony Gargasz, Mulholland Kierin, Ben White, Loic Sattler, Parker Gibson, Vigan Tafili, Nick Taylor, and Daniel Kong & Nicolas Monin-Baroille, followed by, Alastair Temple & Brandon Spahn and Anthony Gargasz, Ben White, Lionel Charpentier, disent

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