Exclusive: Interview With Olivia Steele

Exclusive: Interview With Olivia Steele

Olivia Steele's Website (Exclusive: Interview With Olivia Steele on CrispMe)

If you’re a regular reader of our website, you probably have seen Olivia Steele’s work featured on CrispMe. If you haven’t, you should check it out on:

She was very kind enough to spare some time out of her hectic and busy schedule to complete this little interview questionnaire that we had for her. We hope you like it as well! Don’t forget to check her brilliant, shining work on:

Personal Website


Olivia Steele's Website (Exclusive: Interview With Olivia Steele on CrispMe)


Olivia Steele (2013-2014 Works) (Exclusive: Interview With Olivia Steele on CrispMe)


Q. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am a true artist, I didn’t go to school for it, I was born this way and only after university and masters did I surrender to my calling. I am a free spirit in every essence. I live my life with few restrictions, I flow with the universe, I thrive on change, and take every mistake and mishap as opportunity. I strive for awareness and connection and I follow my intuition and lead with an open heart. My art is just a channel, from which I learn more about myself from each creation. More often than not, I don’t know where it comes from. I just do it, and when its done, it all makes sense.

I am a bit nomadic- people ask me where i live and its never a simple answer. I live in a triangle- Berlin- London- Tulum, and but I am never anywhere for a long period of time because I have to travel so much for work.

My installations keep close to the airports!


Q. Where do you draw inspiration for the Neon Signs/or any of your art from?

ahhhh… anything and everything! Dreams, signs, quotes, frustration, excitement. . .  my eyes and ears are always open, and a lot of things that are said in conversation between me and other become neons. My dad was the initial source of inspiration as he has a quote or idiom for just about everything and it seems to solve any problem- (in a intellectual way), I am by definition not an emotional person. I am much more comfortable with the intellect than the emotional… and yet the emotional is what is evident in my work, so it comes out one way or another.


Q. How long does it take for you to install one of your installations?

For Sale (Exclusive: Interview With Olivia Steele on CrispMe)

Hard to say ! every installation is different and depends on complexity and what surface the neon is being installed on. the shortest one was about an hour, the longest was 3 days, and the average I would say is 3 hours. the Devil is in the details, and for this reason i do most of my own installing because no one cares as much as I do, and its evident in the finished product. I always say, there is an art to installing.


Q. One statement you’d give to all those who are inspired from your work and wish to follow in your footsteps


 No is just another word for try harder.

– Olivia Steele


We can quote her on that brilliant quote in the end. Something said often, yet applied rarely.

Thank you Olivia for taking your time for this. We hope you a bright and brilliant future!

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