Exclusive: Melissa Clarke Wallpapers – Internet’s prettiest girl model

Exclusive: Melissa Clarke Wallpapers – Internet’s prettiest girl model

melissathumb (Exclusive: Melissa Clarke Wallpapers - Internet's prettiest girl model on CrispMe)


Today our Featured Model is ‘ Melissa Clarke ‘. She is currently the hottest and prettiest girl over the Interwebz.. She is the talk of the town. Aside from her nude photography, her below SFW photographs (Desktop Wallpapers too) speaks volume why she is an Internet meme right now. She is everywhere, be it Reddit, Stumbleupon… or All the friggin’ Wallpapers sites. That’s why she has made it to CrispMe too. We have zipped all these Wallpapers in one file too. Which you can download from Here. Meanwhile click on the thumbs below to view full-size all the Wallpapers, we made sure all of these Walls, support larger screens too.. Oh! by the way, If you like this post don’t forget to share it’s all SFW. However If you want to see her boobs just click here. (NSFW Of course).



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  • Zedacus

    Damn! I finally found out who she is. (I had gotten a wallpaper of her off google yesterday and just now found her here on CrispMe by chance. So I finally know her name.) She definitely is the Internets prettiest. :) Crap… I might be ubsessed now… :/