Exploring the Beauty of Earth With Hans Kruse

Exploring the Beauty of Earth With Hans Kruse

The Earth is literally a beautiful place to live in. We all do not have the resources or luck to see it all, but with people like Hans Kruse amongst us, we get to see a side of Earth we never know about.

I hope you enjoy these scenic/nature photographs as much as I did, and here is some ‘Bio’ regarding the photographer (Hans Kruse):

My name is Hans Kruse and I’m an experienced landscape and nature photographer. Landscapes have been a special addiction for many years.

I have photographed for many years since shooting b/w film and develop in the dark room, however the most intense period has been in the digital age where I would have the full control over the process from taking the image, post process it on my computer and eventually print it in high quality.

All images in the galleries on this site are for sale. Please click the buy button and you will see the available options for print and licensing the images.

If you people wish to decorate your walls with some of his photographs, be sure to check the prints out at

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