Fantasy Digital Artwork by Pauliina Linjama

Fantasy Digital Artwork by Pauliina Linjama

Pauliina Linjama is a 18-year old digital artist, from Finland. The country being part of the Scandinavian geographical area, its not very surprising to see some mythical and fantasy digital artwork from artists from around these places. However, Pauliina Linjama’s artwork is pretty amazing to say the least. Her love for mythical and fantasy creatures, such as a focus on wolves and at times sceneries makes her portfolio worth a watch.

Also, if you view her portfolio you will notice that she images her characters before she draws them. For many of the artworks below, they have a specific name and story that corresponds to their characters. I believe this is quite an amazing thing, which also allows the readers to spin the character into their own tales while they look at the artwork and makes them wonder what, where, and how the said character got into said situation.

If you like fantasy artwork, you should see more of her work on:














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  • Very Dreamy like illustrations. Thanks Pauliina Linjama for your creative work. Keep it up.

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