Fashion, Gadgets and Everything Photographed the Right Way #4

Fashion, Gadgets and Everything Photographed the Right Way #4

Apple iPad (Fashion, Gadgets and Everything Photographed the Right Way #4 on CrispMe)

Finally, here is the post you have all been waiting for – it happens to be one of the popular posts on Crispme. I decided to include a few more things into the post: fashion accessories! Not everybody photographs them the way these photographs show them.

In this post, I will show you some 30+ amazing photographs of gadgets. When people buy new gadgets, or want to show their gadgets off they usually just snap a picture of the gadget on their bed, wooden floor/table and so on.

These photographs can serve as an inspiration as to how “amazing gadget photography” can be done. I believe it all depends on the background, the lighting, and the focus. If all that is perfect, your shot should be perfect. It also does not hurt to have beautifully designed gadgets to start with, such as like the Apple iPad or Leica M9 Check these images out – I am sure you would love them!

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None of these images belong to CrispMe, and these images have been explored from various Tumblr blogs, due to which giving credits is almost near impossible. We, however, DO NOT ENCOURAGE THEFT OF ARTWORK and thus would love it if you people would drop us off links to the original photographer for any of the below following items you can recognize (it would be dearly helpful).

I will regularly try and search for the photographers/authors myself so please do help me out


Apple iPad (Fashion, Gadgets and Everything Photographed the Right Way #4 on CrispMe)




Leather iPhone Wallet by Sakatan Leather, Record Player Reboot, MacBook Case by andwers, V-MODA Crossfade M-80 Shadow Headphones, aFrame Audio Acoustic Artwork, Skull iPhone ase by Ali Gulec, Canon EOS 7D, Rick Owens Metallic Leather iPhone Case, Wedge Mobile Keyboard by icrosoft, Bamboo Keyboard & Mouse by Impecca, Retro Apple Sticker Pack, Mighty Flea by Yoyo Factory, Strata Smart Watch by MetaWatch, IWC Portuguese Chronograph Automatic, Titanium ID Mouse by ntelligent Design, BeoVision 4-103 by Bang & Olufsen, Iomega SuperHero iPhone Backup & Charger, Unknown (12), Tiago Pereira, Gauthier Lequeux

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