Feature Artist: Mert Turkoglu

Feature Artist: Mert Turkoglu

The featured artist of today is: Mert Turkoglu, whos is not only interested in digital arts, but is also an active photographer. Here is a little about Mert:

Mert Turkoglu was born in Bremen, Germany 1973. He started his professional career as an art director in an advertising agency and as a denim designer. And he prepared many collections for international companies. The last one was the most popular American denim company AG Adriano Goldschmied. Also he has many own collections and shows around the world.

His photographer career has stared, when he was traveling around the world as a denim designer. He had been achieved a show in Vienna in 2009. He loves to take photos of portrait, landscape and fashion.

  • He took his first portrait shot in 1989,
  • He created his first digital online magazine in 1999,
  • He took his first fashion shot in 2001,
  • He designed first denim in 2003,

Photographer, Journalist, Art director

Quite an amazing resume, eh? Let us show you some of his finest works now:

You can find him on the following websites:

Official Website  | Twitter


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