Featured: 40 Best Anime Wallpapers Of the Month

Featured: 40 Best Anime Wallpapers Of the Month

If you are an avid follower and watcher of anime/manga you will definitely love this post. Anime is a Japanese cartoon, which in my opinion tends to be a lot better than the cartoons we see off Cartoon Network, etc. I compiled this list to show you to some of the 40 best anime wallpapers of the month! Check them out (and show some love to the artists – see bottom of post)


The credit for making these amazing wallpapers go to the following artists:

xRedPhoenix, Tsunoh, aozoraskies,Felesya,jakuro,Tsunoh,Cielo-Plus, RideOnMusic, nighr,RideOnMusic, sjade1,Valuna,Chloe,asriel-kokomi, isshi, AssasinXXX,DarthTofu,Venuus,jakuro xRedPhoenixSelennnaNyorai, Gloomy-Gloo, Cilou, akiagi, FlatCat, cybil, Katkoota, srsn, Evvo, Nysha, aozoraskies, xxKurumi, alterlier

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