Featured Architecture: The HemLoft

Featured Architecture: The HemLoft

The HemLoft is a small tree house created by Joel Allen. The HemLoft is located in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. Unfortunately the tree is located in parts of the Crown Island and can be taken down.

The very reason I love HemLoft is because of it’s unique location – amidst the luscious greenery, the resonating and tranquil forest. The very thought of living or spending some days in this accommodation makes me feel happy, and calm.

A lot of people would love to spend their time in this house: people ranging from nature lovers, bird-watchers, to small families who just want to get away from the crowded, bustling cities and spend time in a place where they can relax and be alone.

The house even has it’s own website, check here:

Official Website




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