Featured Architecture: Underwater Hotel in Dubai

Featured Architecture: Underwater Hotel in Dubai

Dubai has been known for creating some of the worlds finest landmarks – from the Burj Arab, and Burj Khalifa to the Palm Islands and World Islands.

Dubai has been fore front at creating some of the world’s most amazing architectural landmarks. In a newly discovered plot, Dubai is now planning to build one of the world’s first underwater hotel. By underwater, I do not mean that it would have small jam-packed rooms for you to enjoy. But, I mean an actual, full-size hotel.

The hotel project is called “Water Discus Underwater Hotels” and is being constructed by Dubai shipbuilder Drydocks World along with Switzerland’s BIG InvestConsult.

Here is a little info on it, from our folks at Arch Daily:

Tailored to the luxurious lifestyle, aspiring divers and marine life enthusiasts, the patent-protected concept by DOT is comprised of disc-shaped volumes that are both above and below the water’s surface, exploring the depths of the ocean while taking advantage of the warm climate

Honestly, the whole hotel looks absolutely amazing. It kinds of reminds me of the place where Stormtroopers were cloned in Star Wars – of the medical bay.

The underwater  disc-shaped module is fitted with an amazing lighting system that allows the visitors to illuminate the watery aquatic world and view the creatures, while there happen to be 21 (twenty-one) private ones available for you.

The safety is put at the highest priority – the underwater disc is said to surface in case of any danger while the structure will be made to withstand any severe climate and conditions.I am really looking forward to it.

Images courtesy of – Deep Ocean Technology

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