Featured Artist Of The Month: Staudinger + Franke

Featured Artist Of The Month: Staudinger + Franke

We feature artists pretty much every time we find a good one. But this artist is something really special. A great photographer, and a mind-blowing photo-manipulator. Ladies and Gentlmen, I present to you: Staudinger + Franke

Staudinger + Franke is a studio based in Vienna founded by Robert Staudinger and Andrea Franke. Most of their work involves advertising for big companies (Pepsi, Heinken, Visa, Ford, etc)

However, the final result is just mind-blowing, no wonder these guys are famous and take on big companies and big companies love them too!

If you want to check more of their work, check their official website, here:

staudinger + franke [website]

All the work is All Rights Reserved to Staudinger + Franke.Please do not use anything for commericial / personal purposes without prior permission from respective studio.

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