Featured Artist: Simon Gehrig

Featured Artist: Simon Gehrig

Here is a little something Simon told us about himself:

I’m Simon, 26 years old and studying print and media technologies in Munich. I live in a town called Fürstenfeldbruck about 30 km west of where I study. In 2006 I kind of stumbled into photography. Having a job as a schoolbus driver, I happened do have the route with the most beautiful sunrises and creepiest looking fogs in 100 km around. I somehow wanted to capture that, went to a friend of whom I knew he was taking photos and he told me all about DSLRs.

Starting off with landscapes I moved on to doing more people photography. People are a lot more fascinatig to me. You need them to feel comfortable in front of your camera to take a picture of the real person you’re shooting, the person behind the photoface.

We did indeed love his portfolio, and are very glad to feature him on our website! To visit his official website, click the link below:

Simon Gehrig PortfolioFacebook PageTumblr

Do check him out! And now, here are some of his featured artworks:

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