Featured Building: Injidup Residence

Featured Building: Injidup Residence

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With a spectacular view over the Injidup Beach, The Injidup Residence is a holiday accommodation found in Yallingup, It is built by Wright Feldhusen Architects.

At the time of its construction, there were strict building guidelines imposed; no portion of the building was to be higher then 4 metres above natural ground level. Thus, the building came out to be a single-level residence.

The building is amazing. With different rooms and a well planned layout, you can keep the noisy children in another area and sleep in another and you can enjoy an amazing good-night sleep. The roof hovers over this area and folds down to the western horizon to proved afternoon sun protection.

With a glazed view of the “as far as the eye can see” view of the ocean. The house would be a wonderful place to live for the vacations!

Photographs: Patrick Bingham-Hall

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