Featured: ‘Dreamy’ Photography by Stéphane Pellennec

Featured: ‘Dreamy’ Photography by Stéphane Pellennec

Stéphane Pellennec is a photographer born in the 1971’s and grown up in Brest, Brittany, France, with his Finnish wife they left to Lahti, Finland, in 1996 and we have raised up there their family.

A little from the artist himself about his work:

In the south of Finland, I’ve found myself surrounded by strong elements, new seasons, lights and darkness… and this is mainly what my photographs are all about, a need to put my new sensations, visions and more into black on white, so that I can see them all somehow in a clearer way.


There is something very special about the photographs photographed by Stéphane Pellennec. The very first thing is that most of them have a lighter color tone that is quite refreshing – black and white, simple blues and a tad of colors are all very relaxing to the eye.

Second of all reasons, his photography can be gazed at for an hour or more to justify the meaning it holds: the images can be viewed from different perspectives and the very meaning of life can be put into them if wished.

Please check more his projects on his website:

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