Featured: Galaxy Wallpaper by Sebastiaan

Featured: Galaxy Wallpaper by Sebastiaan

Galaxy-thumb (Featured: Galaxy Wallpaper by Sebastiaan on CrispMe)

Today our Featured Designer is Sebastiaan and his work that you can see on his Website here is truly exceptional. To start with we ‘re featuring one of the Wallpapers he has created that is currently set to my Desktop Wallpaper too on my MBP. The Galaxy Wallpaper below come in three variations, and I am using the one, set as the featured Image above. (You can find more Wallpaper created by him here.)

Here is the Brief Introduction of Sebastiaan, Please do Support his work.

I am Sebastiaan de With, a 22 year old freelance designer and one-man company. I specialize in icon and visual interface design and consultancy, but I also design logotypes, and maintain a blog and a website service that teaches you how to design icons. I occasionally do presentations for teams and companies, too, on making apps that are beautiful and fun to use.

I live and work in my own studio in the northern region of the Netherlands, a tiny country in the west of Europe. I love Macs, technology, gaming, reading well-written stuff, mecha, and kittens – but that should be obvious. Everybody loves kittens.



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