Featured Photographer Of the Month: Karrah Kobus

Featured Photographer Of the Month: Karrah Kobus

Karrah Kobus is a conceptual portrait artist + event photographer based in Minneapolis. I have been avid follower of Karrah’s work since some time now, and one thing which I have noticed is that she is an amazing photographer and artist.

Her mind is creative, and her post-processing is pretty great. On the same hand, her post-processing does not involve magic tricks or complex usage of features, but simple, more easier methods which she has perfected so nicely. She is also a regular, full-time freelance photographer so if you follow her, you won’t be disappointed as you’ll see her post her work pretty much every week or so.

Not only that, but she is an amazing person. Ask her any question and she will answer without hesitation. We need more such people like Karrah in the community – helpful, and friendly at the same time.

You can find Karrah wandering in many places. Check it out:

Flickr  –  Facebook  –  Formspring

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