Featured: Stunning Digital Artwork by Marek Okon

Featured: Stunning Digital Artwork by Marek Okon

Marek Okon is a well-respected and known member on deviantART. If you are a member on deviantART and use it regularly, you will have seen many of OmeN2501’s work along the course of browsing the website.

OmeN2501 is a digital artist based in Lublin. Poland. His artworks are pretty darn amazing and have been used on book covers, and featured in many digital artwork magazines.

Here is a little “About Me”

My name is Marek Okon, Im 30 years old and I live in Poland. Im passioned about painting and I consider it not only my work, but a big part of my life as well.
When it comes to painting Im self taught, or rather Internet taught, and Im trying to give something back to the community any chance I have.

If you wish to see more of his work and be amazed, check out:

Personal WebsitedeviantART




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