Featured Wallpaper by Rob Shields

Featured Wallpaper by Rob Shields

Good day readers,

Here is another “Featured Wallpaper” post. This time, the featured wallpaper is by Rob Shields, an incredible artist who created this artwork for the Slashthree’s ‘Fairy Tales’ exhibition.

Here is a little about the project itself (and it’s theme):

In an attempt to recreate the nostalgic memories of childhood, the Slashthree Collective selected ‘Fairy Tales’ as the theme of its eighteenth exhibition. The project invited our artistic core to recreate the magic they felt as children when they were whisked off to a land far, far away. Each piece of art in this exhibition is a unique, beautiful interpretation of fairy tales from both popular culture, as well as the contributing artist’s own culture, all of which have come together to create one of our finest exhibitions to date.

Rob’s work has a great depth of nostalgia to it, and looks like a scene out of some fantasy animated movie or so. The hair transforming into birds and the girl herself looking like a “Queen” of sort gives it an “dreamy and fantasy” like feeling.

If you want to visit Rob’s portfolio, check here:

Official Website





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