A Handful of the Finest Female Photographers

A Handful of the Finest Female Photographers

Storm Door (A Handful of the Finest Female Photographers on CrispMe)

Let us be honest. Think about how many female photographers do you know in real life? Quite a few, but probably not a lot. The photography business, just like many others, is something that is male dominated. This does not mean that the female photographers are not good or anything, it’s just that way.

In this post, I will be showing you some of the finest female photographers out there (Internet) I have come across. Of course, this list is not exhaustive. There are probably hundreds out there that I have not come across. This list is not about being professional, but rather about being talented in the field. Thus, it pretty much includes both (professional and hobbyist photographers)

This is why I need your help. If you know someone I missed out who is quite the talented photographer, then hit us a comment below and when we have sufficient photographers, we’ll compile another list (or add to this list). (last update: 22 Oct, 2013)

Not in any order.


Storm Door (A Handful of the Finest Female Photographers on CrispMe)


Natalie Dybisz (Miss Aniela):

Storm Door (A Handful of the Finest Female Photographers on CrispMe)

When it comes to conceptual/Fine-Art photography, Natalie Dybisz (aka Miss Aniela) is one name that definitely springs in my mind. She is also one of the most talented photographers I have seen, and tops my “Best Fine-Art photographer” list.

She also wrote two books. One being on “Self Portraits” and the other being on “Creative Photography”.


Zhang Jingna:

Zhang Jingna (A Handful of the Finest Female Photographers on CrispMe)

Zhang Jingna is a 25-year old crazily talented photographer and video-gamer. She has her very own professional DOTA team. She has shot for many famous publications, such as: Elle, VOGUE, Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam, and many others.


Lara Jade:

Lara Jade (A Handful of the Finest Female Photographers on CrispMe)

She was one of the first female photographers I came across on the Internet, and her story was moving. How she worked at such a young age and established herself as one of the finest fashion and glamor photographer in the industry.

She is worth every second checking out!


Rosie Hardy:

Rosie Hardy (A Handful of the Finest Female Photographers on CrispMe)

At a very young age, she was photographing the album cover for Maroon 5’s album: Hands All Over. Not only does she photograph conceptual pieces that send a positive message, but she also photographs celebrities and weddings. Check her out!


Karrah Kobus:

Karrah Kobus (A Handful of the Finest Female Photographers on CrispMe)

She is a young, experienced and dedicated wedding photographer and fine-art/conceptual photographer as well. While many people may not know about her wedding photography, she is quite known for her unique style with conceptual photographs. She was inspired by the works of Rosie Hardy.

We’ve also featured her in the past. Check it out.


Sarah Haley:

Sarah Haley (A Handful of the Finest Female Photographers on CrispMe)

Only 16 years old and living in the United States, Sarah Haley’s photographs are something worth checking out. She is quite the talented soul. The sky is the limit thinking what she can accomplish as she grows older.

Sarah was kind enough to give us a little interview. Read it here.


Sasha Larina:

Sasha Larina (A Handful of the Finest Female Photographers on CrispMe)

I discovered Sasha as I stumbled across her self-portrait; considering she has quite a rad tattoo on her arm. She is a professional photographer of both portraits, and also works with a fashion house in Russia.

You can read our interview with Sasha Larina here.


Shelby Robinson:

Shelby Robinson (A Handful of the Finest Female Photographers on CrispMe)

Shelby is a talented conceptual photographer who is quite addicted to this particular genre of photography. Her photographs are pretty inspiring and send a positive message. Definitely worth checking out


Cristina Otero:

Cristina Otero (A Handful of the Finest Female Photographers on CrispMe)

Cristina is only 17-years old and her photography is something that just cannot be missed. Her self-portraits are something that are very well planned out and executed. Worth checking out.


Elena Helfrecht:

Elena Helfrecht (A Handful of the Finest Female Photographers on CrispMe)

One look in Elena’s gallery and you might be having nightmares at night. Twenty-one year old Elena has a splendid eye for Horror & Macabre photographs; although most photographs have some message behind them and so, it’s kind of on a border with conceptual photography.

Elena was also kind enough to have a little interview with us. Read it here.


Valentina Kallias:

Valentina Kallias (A Handful of the Finest Female Photographers on CrispMe)

She’s an ex-model, and currently a photographer who specializes in portrait photography as well as book cover photography. Check her gallery, maybe you’ll find one of your favorite book cover here.


Felicia Simion:

Felicia Simion (A Handful of the Finest Female Photographers on CrispMe)

Felicia is currently based in Romania. She is one of the most talented young female photographers out there. Her works have been featured in many places. She was recently covered in a National Geographic video too!



Vana (A Handful of the Finest Female Photographers on CrispMe)

A gorgeous youngphotographer from Croatia. She is an Art student and art has been her passion ever since she was a child. You might have seen her self-portraits sometime around your web-surfing.


Brooke Shaden:

Brooke Shaden (A Handful of the Finest Female Photographers on CrispMe)

Brooke is one of the most talented and experienced female conceptual photographers out there. She definitely takes a spot in my top conceptual photographer list. Check her out.


Julia Dávila Lampe:

Julia Dávila Lampe (A Handful of the Finest Female Photographers on CrispMe)

A 30 year old photographer from Ecuador who uses photography to sensualize ideas full of colours and textures.


Alexandra Sophie:

Alexandra Sophie (A Handful of the Finest Female Photographers on CrispMe)

Only 20-years old, Alexandra Sophie has made quite a name in the photography community. She is a self-taught photographer from France. Her underwater photographs are quite appealing, although her portraits and conceptual photographs are just as amazing.


Jean Fan:

Jean Fan (A Handful of the Finest Female Photographers on CrispMe)

One of the best thing about Jean is the fact that not only does she take some interesting and unique photographs, but she also writes a tutorial every now and then to explain how she made it happen. She also utilizes simple props to get the best final result.


Annie Leibovitz:

Annie Leibovitz (A Handful of the Finest Female Photographers on CrispMe)

If you are a photography enthusiast, or even better, a fashion photographer enthusiast then you are bound to know who Annie Leibovitz is. She is an American portrait photographer who shoots for big clients such as: VOGUE, Rolling Stones, Vanity Fair and others.


Tamara Lichtenstein:

Tamara Lichtenstein (A Handful of the Finest Female Photographers on CrispMe)

Twenty-three (23) year old Tamara shoots fashion, femininity, & youth. It is always interesting to see something different and unique.


Elena Kalis:

Elena Kalis (A Handful of the Finest Female Photographers on CrispMe)

A wonderful photographer living in The Bahamas who has an eye for underwater photography. Her gallery is most astounding and is definitely worth checking out. Shooting on land is hard as it is, yet, Elena manages to shoot underwater with perfection.


Aleksandra Wydrych:

Aleksandra Wydrych (A Handful of the Finest Female Photographers on CrispMe)

Orange hair, 24-year old, and tattooed body. Aleksandra makes sure that her fans and followers are left stunned the moment they lay eyes on her. She is not only a model herself, but is also a photographer.


Claire Droppert:

Claire Droppert (A Handful of the Finest Female Photographers on CrispMe)

Claire Droppert has been featured on CrispMe twice. She is a fantastic landscape photographer who resides in The Netherlands. We have interviewed Claire in the past, which you can read here.

Katarzyna Napiórkowska:

Katarzyna Napiórkowska (A Handful of the Finest Female Photographers on CrispMe)

I stumbled across Kataryzna’s work around the same time as I stumbled across Aleksandra Wydrych’s work. They have both collaborated in the past. Kataryzna started photography at the age of 18, and is now both a photographer and filmography.

According to her, she photographs anything that she would have made a song about if she was a singer. Thus, every photo is related to music in one way or another.


Lucie Kout:

Lucie Kout (A Handful of the Finest Female Photographers on CrispMe)

Lucie is not only an amazing photographer but also a really kind person. Ask her anything related to photography and she will be glad to help you around. She is based in Czech Republic and photographers both portraits, animals and even weddings.

Oh, and she is one amazing photo retoucher! Her skills in Photoshop are kick-ass!


Kirsty Mitchell:

Kirsty Mitchell Photography (A Handful of the Finest Female Photographers on CrispMe)

Kirsty Mitchell is a fine art photographer who is super talented! If you look at her photographs, you will see the amount of hours she spends planning them and how much hard-work she puts into them! She has been featured many times, and has done a few exhibitions as well. Check her out.


Meri Bjorn:

Meri Bjorn (A Handful of the Finest Female Photographers on CrispMe)

I can’t find much about the photographer but from her works she is definitely quite talented. Her personal works look as if they came right off a magazine or are going on one! Also, I love how she can shoot different photos. Some are pure fashion shots, some are more creative with a touch of vivid colors.

 Cristy Elaine:

Cristy Elaine Photography (A Handful of the Finest Female Photographers on CrispMe)

Cristy Elaine is an award winning fashion and conceptual photographer based in the Midwest.

Zoe Wiseman:

Zoe Wiseman (A Handful of the Finest Female Photographers on CrispMe)

Zoe Wiseman is not only a photographer, but she started off in the photography world as a model that slowly transfused into her becoming a photographer as well. She has been published in several magazines, movie soundtracks, newspapers and books as both model and photographer.

She is a fine-art nude photographer so her gallery is quite NSFW! You’ve been warned.


Lindsay Adler:

Lindsay Adler (A Handful of the Finest Female Photographers on CrispMe)

Lindsay Adler is a beautiful professional photographer and portrait photographer based in New York. She has been featured in several magazines.

Melissa Rodwell:

Melissa Rodwell Photography (A Handful of the Finest Female Photographers on CrispMe)


Melissa is a fashion photographer who has been featured in countless magazines. Seriously, look at her Biography and you’ll see the number of magazines she has been featured in. Not only that, but she has worked with clients like: Ralph Lauren, Nike, and so on.

Not to mention she could be a model herself! Go check her out!

Olga Valeska:

Olga Valeska (A Handful of the Finest Female Photographers on CrispMe)


Olga Valeska is quite a special woman. She specializes in fashion photography, conceptual photography, creative portrait and self-portrait. She is not only a photographer but also a hair artist, costume designer…the whole package in one.

She’s brilliant. Enough said

Dawn Alderman:

Dawn Alderman Photography (A Handful of the Finest Female Photographers on CrispMe)

To be a photographer is a special thing. However, to balance it while being a mom, nurse, and graphic designer is a whole new thing. Dawn Alderman is all that while being a fabulous photographer.

She shoots with film and I see some portraiture, wedding and conceptual shots as well.

Lisa Griffin:

Lisa Griffin Photography (A Handful of the Finest Female Photographers on CrispMe)

Lisa was born and raised in Tipperary, Ireland. Currently studying fine art printmaking in the Centre of Creative Arts and Media, Galway.

Her work has been featured in Vogue Italia (Photo Vogue), and Barehands Poetry and Photography several times.


Jovana Rikalo:

Jovana Rikalo (A Handful of the Finest Female Photographers on CrispMe)

A young and talented photographer from Serbia. She is both a Fine Art and Portrait photographer. There is nothing more I wish than to explore and expose young under-appreciated photographers.

Check her out.

Amanda Diaz:

Armanda Diaz (A Handful of the Finest Female Photographers on CrispMe)

Being nominated as one of the Top 10 fashion/editorial photographers on [F] Awards in 2012, Amanda Diaz is a well-known name in the photography industry. She currently resides in Canada. She has been featured in several magazines.

Check her site for her amazing work.

Nicole Peterson:

Nicole Peterson (A Handful of the Finest Female Photographers on CrispMe)

Nicole Peterson is actually one of the photographers in this duo group who call themselves: MonsterBrand.

She is very much talented and a very kind person too.


Stephanie Matthews:

Stephanie Matthews (A Handful of the Finest Female Photographers on CrispMe)


Stephanie is quite a fantastic photographer. The moment you open up her website you will know just how talented and remarkable she is at what she does. I see fine art, fashion and some personal work also!

Check her out.

Sarah Ann Loreth:

Sarah Loreth (A Handful of the Finest Female Photographers on CrispMe)


A very vividly creative imagination is what makes Sara Loreth stand out in the crowd, and her Flickr gallery holds proof that imagination knows no bounds.

Definitely worth a check (even a watch maybe if you’re on Flickr)



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  • Anotheroutsider

    What are you talking about, mate? Photography being male-dominated? I’m from Romania and I’m a male and I personally know dozens of wonderful female photographers, personally meaning I met them face to face. Not to mention the female photographers I know from facebook, flickr, 500px, 1x, deviantart and other tens of sites i visit every day. I think I know less male photographers than women :)) Then again, maybe it’s just easier for me to remember the females, but still, I don’t think that photography is male-dominated. Not anymore.

  • Humza Mehbub

    This was based on a statistics conducted. That 51% or so were male, and 49% or so were females.

  • Prof Royston Pilcher

    Miss Aniela is leagues ahead of these and I see no Kirsty Mitchell on the list?

    I suggest checking her out.


  • beauwestwood

    How about…Mary Ellen Mark, Shary Connella, Sally Mann, hum…so many more…

  • Humza Mehbub

    oh! I definitely know her! Will add her up!
    Thanks :D

  • Humza Mehbub

    Thousands more out there! :D
    (Can you give me a link to some of these? I’ll add em up! )

  • Matti Keski-Kohtamäki

    The list is missing Meri Björn! http://www.meribjorn.com

  • Humza Mehbub

    Interesting. Thanks for the heads-up!
    Will add her up :D

  • Richard A Meade

    How did you overlook Zoe Wiseman?

  • Mellisa Collins

    I wonder why Cristy Elaine was not mentioned.

  • George Quiroga

    Besides Annie Leibovitz, In fashion there is also http://www.lindsayadlerphotography.com and http://www.melissarodwell.com/

  • Humza Mehbub

    I was trying to keep the list Safe-For-Work. But, anyways, I added her up with one of her few rare shots that are not NSFW! :)

  • Humza Mehbub

    Thank you so much for contributing to the article! :)

    She has been added.

  • Humza Mehbub

    Thank you for contributing to the article! I really appreciate it.

    I’ll check them out and update the list.

  • Richard A Meade

    Humza, thanks for taking a look at Zoe’s work and then deciding to add her to the article.

  • Kristy B

    I highly suggest Lindsay Adler, Sarah Ann Loreth, Sarah Ann Wright and Elena Jasic!

  • tonih

    what about lou freeman and lindsay adler?

  • Chantell Reid

    Dawn Alderman is amazing I think. She has taught me 95%+ of what I know and has helped me as a photographer She gave me the nudge to go film and am glad that I did. She does digital and film! http://www.facebook.com/dawnaldermanphotography

  • AmeliaRenee Photography

    Great article, thanks! Stephanie Pana Photography & The End Photography

  • R.L
  • Lise

    Personnaly, I’m a huge fan of Olga Valeska! Her work is so amazing and unique, so painterly feel (actually her selfs portraits are mixture of both media) Well… I’m so in love with her!

  • Joran

    You should add the wonderful Olga Valeska! She’s a fine art photographer but also a make up and hair artist, set and costum designer… She only work alone and it’s a huge work! Check out her portfolio it’s awesome https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.200782293299562.57635.200779899966468&type=1 or her beautiful and mysterious blog http://olgavaleska.blogspot.fr/

  • Tristan

    Aaaah Olga Valeska… I’m so amazed by her talent. She’s a true artist!

  • Humza Mehbub

    Thank you for telling me about her.

    She has been added to the list!

    You guys are amazing! :)

  • Humza Mehbub

    Thank you for telling me about her. She has been added to the list!

  • Humza Mehbub

    Added, sir. I see she is quite the fan of film. Not many photographers shoot with that now.

    Thanks for letting me know! :) Yous guys are the best

  • Humza Mehbub

    Lindsay Adler has been added =)

  • Humza Mehbub

    Oh boy. haha!

    Thank you for contributing to the article! I’ll look at the missing ones and add them in due time.

  • Joran

    Hey, thanks! But there is so much talented photographer… Impossible to dress a list!!

  • Humza Mehbub

    Exactly. I barely scratch the surface. I definitely hope to write another such list of at least 50 more female photographers. No idea when I’ll write it. But I will =)

  • Laura Zalenga is DEFINITELY missing, so are Lissy Elle, Natalie Kucken, Fanny Latour-Lambert and Alexis Mire.

  • Ivana Pejak
  • Guest

    Take a look at Stephanie Matthews, http://www.stephaniematthewsphotography.dphoto.com

  • Stephanie Matthews

    Good morning, I would like to suggest – Danielle Ford, http://daniellegracephoto.carbonmade.com/ – she’s also at: http://daniellegracephoto.blogspot.com/

    and I’d like to toss in my name for consideration as well – http://www.stephaniematthewsphotography.dphoto.com
    Cheers! Stephanie

  • sandra

    Where is Lara Jade?!

  • Humza Mehbub

    Damn it! How could I have missed her.
    Will update the list soon ! Thank you so much! (:

  • Humza Mehbub

    Checked. I’ll update the list soon! =)

  • Humza Mehbub

    Thank you for contributing to the article !! :)

    I’ll update the list in the coming days.


  • Humza Mehbub

    Someone already tossed your name lol.
    I’ll update the list soon. Thank you for contributing to the article. It is much appreciated! =)

  • Sam Turner

    Definitely in need of Rachael Putt and Sarah Loreth???!!!! Great list :)))))))))

  • Humza Mehbub

    Thank you! :)
    And I’ll check them out and update the list soon

  • Joana F.

    you are also missing two great portuguese ones: Ana Pastoria (wedding and conceptual) and Ana Dias (pin up)

  • ellieellis

    I have always been drawn to the work of female photographers, some massively inspiring ladies above, I also love Laura Zalenga http://www.flickr.com/photos/laurazalenga/, Lissy Elle http://www.flickr.com/photos/lissyl/ , Hannah http://www.flickr.com/photos/honeypielivingetc/ and Laura Ferreira http://www.flickr.com/photos/laura_ferreira/
    I am also a young creative photographer if you would like to come and see what i’m up to? ;) http://www.flickr.com/photos/elliephantus/

  • Reynaldo Martínez Marentes

    I suggert a Tamara Uribe a exceptional photographer

  • Michelle Franco

    A not very known But extremely Talented Photographer named Adriana Torres From http://www.Sacreellc.com Check out her work she is really amazing. She’s Published in coco Magazine where Emily soto is also Published. Her new work is soon to be released Being that I work with her I see sneak peaks and she has sky rocketed in only a short few months.

  • maivab
  • Grace

    I know there are a lot of suggestions out there already! What about adding Emily Soto to the list? :)

  • Leila

    Great list, but theres some really great emerging artists that have been at it for a while missing on this list like “Bunny Jenny (jenny Woods)- http://www.bunnyjennyphotos.com, “Daniela Majic” – http://www.flickr.com/photos/danielamajicphotography/ and “Rockie Nolan” http://www.flickr.com/photos/fadedfilmstrips, they have all been at it for years and create amazing work. :) cheers!

  • Noe Franco

    Bridgette Michelle her site’s: http://www.bridgettemichellephoto.com simply stunning work.

  • Miss Mac

    I’m a female photographer based in Houston, Texas. Check out my portfolio at http://www.macmediaphoto.com!

  • Solveig Selj

    What about Julie Pike, Signe Vilstrup and Camilla Aakrans ??

  • Kate

    zuzanna audette, D’Arcy Benincosa, Jessica Janae

  • Meagan Merta

    I’d love to see myself on this list some day. Wow. These are amazing photographers.
    Check out my stuff? meaganmertaphotography.500px.com

  • Sandtasticphotos

    There are some wonderful photographers in this collection but they are all far to stereotypical of female photographers. Don’t get me wrong they are phenomenal and at the top of their game but there are some fantastic, female, landscape, fine art, wildlife and street photographers out there who deserve to be championed as well.

  • Catherine T
  • dotskie

    how bout sue bryce? :) her folio on plus size women is amazing! :)

  • Theresa Johnson

    A FABULOUS selection featured here (and many of my personal faves, including Lindsey Adler) One you’re missing: Danielle Tunstall . Macabre and sometimes hard-core horror photographer… CRAZY creative and talented!

  • Julie Ann Cuevas
  • Pam

    This list needs more Heather and it’s perfect! http://heatherevanssmith.com/

  • Rebecca via Sanctuary

    Missing my number one favourite – Deborah Turbeville! And I’d also love to see Hannah Lemholt and Jennifer B. Hudson on the list.

  • Philippe Maurice

    you need to add her ! she is one of the best nude photographer i have seen !! http://500px.com/aleksandra

    Aleksandra !

  • Jim Crabtree

    Who made up this list and what criteria was used. No Kirsty Mitchell or Emily Soto. And Lindsay Adler only gets a one line description. What about Russian Nadegda Shibina. Making a list like this and including people with yet no skill and fundamental assets. AND not including some of the female masters of the craft is just reckless.

    Cool idea but not much of a list. Remember this day in age, most anyone can make a nice picture and many folks have excess of creativity. These things simply don’t make someone a dynamic photographer.

    IT might be safer NOT to make a list – LOL.

  • Michael Krochter

    Don’t forget Sue Bryce

  • Javier Amian

    Claire Louise Foster. Strongly recommended! (http://clairelouisefoster.com)

  • mevanecek

    I have to disagree that the photography industry is male-dominated. I’m not sure how that perception persists, but I think it is not far from being female-dominated, if it isn’t there already. That’s not a bad thing. Photography is one business where gender is not nearly as relevant–how the person sees and records life trumps gender. We are all just photographers. And frankly, I think the female photographers make better instructors, by and large…

    But since this is a post dedicated to female photographers, how about a shout out to Elinor Carucci? A phenomenal and raw Israeli expatriate of many years.


  • Joan

    Great list! maybe consider this up-and-comer: http://www.mvkphoto.com

  • Eva

    Rebeca Saray and Desire Delgado from Spain. Checking works, amazing!



  • Francisco Garcia Castellanos

    i highly recommend Raquel Jaramago. She has an amazing photo shoot about the work of Brian Viveros.


  • Fred Scott

    Heather Hummel is an amazing land and seascape photographer represented by Agora Gallery in NYC. http://www.HeatherHummelPhotography.com

  • Francescak123

    Love the article! check out my work, http://francescaklink.tumblr.com

  • Humza Mehbub

    I don’t disagree with you. This list isn’t for any fixed category. I know most of them are portrait photographers, but I’m just trying my best to add what I can. The list will grow as time passes – when I update it actually, am super busy atm – I’ll add around 10 – 15 more ! (Landscape, Wildlife included)

  • Humza Mehbub

    I already follow her, and I’ll definitely add her up. Just not with a nude shot as a preview though! :)

  • Humza Mehbub

    Kirsty Mitchell is already mentioned. Emily Soto will be added in the next update.

    And the reason Lindsay and most got a one liner description is because of the influx of names I am receiving in the comments. I’m not exactly a full-time writer, and I have to balance my studies alongside. Thus, I wish to keep the list updated. So, one-liners will do.

    And like I already said, there are THOUSANDS out there. I probably know 20 or so myself that I might have missed. But like I said, I don’t have the luxury of time at my disposal. If I do, I would indeed love to update this list and add as many amazing women I might have missed.

    You don’t need to be a dynamic photographer to be featured in this list. The sole purpose was to highlight some underexposed, rising and already professional female photographers. Emphasis on female.
    Cheers! :)


  • Humza Mehbub

    Like I said in one of the comments. It was based on statistics provided on fstopper.com – the gap is indeed not very large. Maybe 2-3% which will change over time.

    and I’ll definitely look into her and add her to the list if she passes the filters! :)

    Cheers and thank you for contributing to the list.

  • Humza Mehbub

    Thank you for contributing to the article. I’ll update the list when I get time! :)

  • Humza Mehbub

    Thank you! :)

    and sure, I’ll check it out (:

  • V

    Awesome list! :) Though I assume that in the meantime you probably have a lots of names to check, I just have to suggest another two great photographers: Nirrimi and Ashley Lebedev.

  • diana-sara-joanna
  • Humza Mehbub

    I take it you are taking about Nirrimi Joy Firebrace ?

  • Humza Mehbub

    Will do :)

  • Humza Mehbub

    I’ve added her :)

  • Jonathan lopardo

    You should take a look at Sara Melotti, she’s a young talented photographer, she started shooting less then 1 year ago and her photos are amazing, her style is very cool!

  • Humza Mehbub

    Been super caught up in university. I’ll check them out and add them in the next update! :)

  • Danni
  • Nancy B

    I’d like to suggest Laura Dark too. Her work is darker but her photography skills are amazing!

  • Jean Bost Macfal

    Jean Macfal – Owner/Photographer of Beguiling Images Studio