Free Retina iPad Wallpapers by fiftyfootshadows

Free Retina iPad Wallpapers by fiftyfootshadows


If you have an iPad that supports a retina display then it would be a shame if you do not have a fitting retina wallpaper to go with it. Having a normal wallpaper on a Retina display isn’t quite as amazing, and does not do it justice. You need to be able to enjoy and be mesmerized by the stunning crisp, sharp detailed resolution of your iOS device. Therefore, in this post, I’ll showcase some of the best Retina iPad Wallpapers made by fiftyfootshadows

In this post, I sail the web in search for some of the best iPhone Retina wallpapers. As always, we only tend to display those iPhone Retina Wallpapers which we can credit to someone (of course there are exceptions to this rule: especially if the wallpaper is really amazing and we cannot find the author of that iPhone Retina Wallpaper).

These amazing iPad Retina Wallpapers have been prepared by fiftyfootshadows. Do visit their website and see if there is anything else which might take your fancy. Be sure to drop a “Thanks” in their comment box as well. I am sure they will appreciate it, especially since they’ve put their hardwork into it. As the artist requires others not to share the wallpapers in mass, we’ll respect that. Therefore, to check the rest of the collection, please visit their website:

Fiftfootshadows Retina iPad Wallpapers

The Retina iPad has a resolution of: 2048 x 2048. This is pretty big. Therefore, feel free to use these wallpapers on your non-Retina iPad as well.




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